Date: Saturday, April 7
Location: Central Park, 102nd and East Drive
Distance: 4 Miles
Start Time: 9:30 am
Registration: $45

Register for the 2018 Concern Spring Run! Join our community of over 1,000 Spring Runners for a 4-mile run or walk in Central Park, in support of Concern’s work fighting extreme poverty in 26 countries across the globe.  

Spring-Run-volunteer.jpgFor 50 years, Concern has partnered with communities all over the world to help millions of people in need. Our work focuses on the poorest — farmers struggling to grow enough food, mothers lacking basic healthcare and nutrition for their children, and families forced to flee their homes due to conflict or disaster. 

We've got something for everyone at the Concern Spring Run:

✓ Team divisions: Bar, Corporate, Friends & Family
✓ Timing bibs and mile markers for runners
✓ Prizes for top finishers, fundraisers & teams 
✓ T-shirts, entertainment, photos, and raffles for all 

Poverty is complicated, but it can be eliminated. Your support turns hope into reality, making the world a better place for future generations. Turn your concern into action today by registering for the 20th Annual Concern Spring Run!